Accident Liability Reduction Options

  • Liability Options

    ​​​​​​​​​​​Our Liability Options can help make your journey that little bit more stress free and enjoyable, ensuring that you will have complete peace of mind with the knowledge that you are well looked after when you hire a Britz Campervan. ​​

  • Pick ups between 01 April 2016 & 31 March 2017

    Liability ReductionAccident Liability​Liability DepositDaily Rate
    Liability Reduction OptionNil​$45
    Standard​for Hitop (2BB): $5,000$5,000 (debited)Included
    for Voyager (4BBXS): $5,000$5,000 (debited)Included
    for all other campervans: $7500$7,500 (debited)Included
  • Terms explained

    What is Accident Liability?
    Accident liability is the maximum dollar amount (cost) per accident the hirer is responsible for should there be an accident. This includes damage to the rental vehicle and any third party property. The Accident Liability that will apply can be reduced by selecting the Liability Reduction Option above.

    What is Liability Deposit?
    The Liability Deposit is required as a deposit upon the collection of your vehicle. The Liability Deposit will be a full debit from the credit card supplied (all funds processed against your card). The dollar amount is determined by the Liability Reduction option selected as mentioned above.

    Is the Liability Deposit refunda​ble?
    The Liability Deposit is fully refundable provided the vehicle is returned on time, to the correct location, undamaged.​

    Daily Rate Maximum Charge
    The maximum charge for any Liability Reduction Option will be ​ NZ$2,250.

  • Credit cards

    The Liability Deposit (plus any other credit card transactions) is subject to a 2% credit card surcharge for Visa and Mastercard and 4.6% for American Express in addition to the liability amount. This surcharge is refunded when the Liability Deposit is refunded for Visa and Mastercard holders.  For American Express the 4.6​% is not refunded when the Liability Deposit is refunded. Only the Customer's credit card is acceptable to use for the purpose of the Liability Deposit.

    Don't forget to check that your credit card has the funds available and that the amount does not exceed your daily withdrawal allowance.      

    Credit Card Authority

    When the Liability Reduction Option has been purchased a credit card authority will be taken.  See rental agreement for more details. ​  

    There are exclusions to cover. Please refer to our rental agreement for more information.