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Your kitchen on the road

​​Enjoy a delicious road trip with Britz

Boasting an incredible variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and artisan produce, New Zealand offers endless pleasures to the food-loving traveller.

The Britz campervan kitchen is the perfect way to savour New Zealand, at any time of day. Rise and shine with honesty-box, free-range eggs from the farm gate. Enjoy your morning cuppa with fresh buns bought from a country town bakery. Whip up a ploughman’s lunch with tasty treats collected at a farmers’ market. Come dinnertime, crank up the stove or onboard barbecue and sizzle a steak or two while sipping local wine poured into a proper wine glass. And if you like beer, keep an eye out for craft breweries – they’re popping up all over the place.

One of the great joys of campervanning is that you can eat wherever you want. Compact they may be, but the Britz kitchen offers everything you need to create delicious meals on the hop – scenic reserves, roadside picnic areas, even town car parks. Eat what you want, when you want it, and enjoy a taste of New Zealand’s seasonal specialities. You’ll be dining inexpensively, too – self-catering in your campervan kitchen is a great way to stretch your holiday budget.

If you want to eat and drink your way around New Zealand, Britz is the way to do it.

5 tips from Britz for campervan cooking


  • Plan to pick up fresh produce every day. That means not overstocking your fridge on day one; celebrate the simplicity of a cheeseboard, seasonal salad or speedy stir-fry.
  • It's not all about pan-fried sausages. You'd be surprised at how quickly you adapt to your kitchen on wheels and find creative ways to cook tasty meals. Make a grilled sandwich or 'slow-roast' veges in your frying pan, or poach some stone fruit and serve with freshly flipped pancakes.
  • Go al fresco, because when else would you get such a great opportunity to dine with any view you choose every day?
  • Consider snacks. Don't be caught out with hunger pangs; make sure you pack a variety of snacks (including fresh fruit scored on the road) to pep you up and help with some of those longer drives.
  • Check out our Recipes on the Road ideas and the videos on the right!

Recipes on the Road.

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