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Explore New Zealand at your own pace

​New Zealand has a love affair with camping – come and discover why.

A beloved pastime for generations of Kiwis, the camping holiday is as popular as ever and enjoyed by folks from all over the world and all walks of life.

On your Britz travels you’ll encounter a camping culture that is welcoming, well organised and widespread, with more than 800 vehicle-accessible campsites nationwide. These range from remote wilderness campsites to groomed holiday parks.

If you want to get back-to-nature, you’ll be wowed by more than 200 campervan-friendly campsites in New Zealand national parks and scenic reserves. They’re inexpensive (sometimes even free) and basic (having toilets and water as a minimum), but what they lack in bells and whistles they more than make up for with beautiful settings, tranquility, and access to amazing outdoor adventures.

At the other end of the scale, New Zealand’s 400-odd holiday parks offer spacious, landscaped grounds for campers alongside all the communal facilities you need to tidy yourself up, recharge your batteries, and socialise with like-minded travellers. Expect genuine hospitality, local advice and activity bookings. Happily, campsite bookings aren’t required outside of the busiest places in peak season, allowing you to follow a flexible campervan route at your own pace. The Holiday Parks Association, an excellent portal for research and reservations.

Each new stop brings a fresh outlook, different adventures, and new people – just some of the many joys of New Zealand camping.

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