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Explore New Zealand at your own pace

​A campervan offers the ultimate freedom to roam

Travel where you want, when you want, through ever-changing landscapes with new sights and activities along the way.

On a Britz campervan road trip, getting there isn’t just half the fun, it’s all the fun. Unpack once, settle into cruise mode, and discover the scenery for which New Zealand is famous. Deserted beaches, rolling farmland, deep-green forest, cascading waterfalls, epic mountain vistas…

Immerse yourself in these stunning landscapes by wandering along easy walkways, or set out on more challenging hikes to bag a hilltop or two. Tag on some two-wheeled travel with Britz Bikes and take a spin along the country’s easy cycle trails. Get an adrenaline buzz on a bungy jump, skydive or jet-boat trip. Explore provincial museums, galleries and boutique shops, and replenish your stores at farmers’ markets, cafes and restaurants. Sound like a great New Zealand holiday?

Savour every moment of it, free from the hassle of finding a meal in the middle of nowhere or worrying about where to stay. Travel at your own pace, lingering when the time is right, and heading in the direction your mood takes you. Eat, sleep and drink on the hop – making the most of your campervan kitchen – and stop for the night when you’re ready. With more than 800 vehicle-accessible campsites nationwide, you’re never far from a place to park up, each one with its own special atmosphere.

New Zealand is campervan travellers’ paradise.

Come and see why.

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