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Self Drive adventure in New Zealand

​​​​Need some ideas for your Britz self-drive holiday Adventure? Check out a few selected customers' stories about  the where and how of where our campers could take you:

Amelia and Mark Take On the South Island's Best Hikes

Amelia and her partner Mark travelled to New Zealand conquering peaks and covering miles, all while staying in some of the country's most beautiful free campsites.

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Laurie Winter's South Island Adventure

Photographer Laurie Winter recently jumped in one of our Britz campers in search of some of the most beautiful spots in New Zealand. Keen to see where she ended up? Read on...

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Ange and Dave bike the Coromandel

​Being fans of the Hobbit and Biking Ange and Dave packed both into a 5 day trip around the North Island. Visiting Hobbiton and riding the Hauraki Rail Trail whilst still having time to experience the Waitomo Glowworm caves and the famous Matatoki Cheese Barn.

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Our South Island Escape

Shaelah and Andrew took a Britz Campervan around the South Island. Read about their awesome road trip.

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The Koh Family's 17 Day Road Trip

​The Koh family of Brian, Ra and their kids Blaze and Pascaline travelled the length of New Zealand in a Frontier and came away saying: "Family Campervan Adventure New Zealand ... EQUALS AMAZING!"

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Jay and Sarah explore the North Island

Jay and Sarah's family went on an exciting roadtrip around the North Island of New Zealand.
It was an ultimate family goal to go away in a self contained campervan. Follow the journey of Jay, Sarah and their kids Aiyana(7), Aizaya(5), Arkiya(1) & nana Adrienne (52).

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Johny and Kirsty Explore the South

A couple of bikes, mates and plenty of adventures to look forward to. Join Johny and Kirsty on their cycling adventures around the South Island, starting in Christchurch.

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Art Green Goes Coast to Coast

When Art Green shared his ambitious plan to enter Coast to Coast, Britz knew they wanted to help him get there. And what better than your own campervan to rest weary legs in after a day's slog?


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Galina and Robert explore the North Island

​Galina and Robert, traveling around New Zealand on their honeymoon tried to see as much of the North Island as their time allowed. They had an amazing time over their seven day trip.

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Rat and Dragon do Waitomo

​​​Avid travelers Nicola and Saxon had ten amazing days exploring the North Island of New Zealand. Keen to find out what they got up to? Read more to find out.

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Two Photographers Explore the South Island

When James Kerstan arrived in New Zealand from Australia with his photographer friend for a campervan holiday, they attempted to pack in as much of the beautiful South Island as possible!

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Stu Waddel's bike tour with Britz

In the October school holidays, they planned a beauty: take a Britz 4-berth campervan, with a bike rack, two adults and two girls (aged 4 and 5) and explore the South Island!

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Three Days In Banks Peninsula

Three friends, one Britz Frontier. Follow their story as they travel through Banks Peninsula following local's advice and searching out those hidden gems just off the path.

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Exploring Canterbury's Mountains

Follow four friends as they travel into Canterbury's mountains in search of skiing, stargazing and adventure.​

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Kaikoura Weekend Escape

A weekend escape to Kaikoura, whale watching, dolphin discovering and seal spotting

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