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For any questions about hiring a Britz, call us on our International toll free numbers below, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or send us a message

Our helpful reservations team can assist you with finding a vehicle, and because Britz is owned by Tourism Holding Limited (thl), they can easily widen the search to any of our campervan fleets - Kea, Maui, United, Britz, Alpha and Mighty.

Toll free numbers

Your Location Toll Free Number
The rule for all countries[international call prefix] 800 200 80 801
Within New Zealand0800 081 032
Within Australia1300 738 087
Within UK00 800 200 80 801
Within Germany00 800 200 80 801
Within North America011 800 200 80 801


Calling Instructions

Dialling an international toll free number is the same as placing an international call to a country with the country code 800. For example, dialling from North America you would start with the International Call Prefix for North America [011] then 800 then 200 80 801

Britz New Zealand can also be reached on +64 9 255 3910 (standard charges apply)

Alternatively, fill in your details below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for considering a Britz Campervan, 4WD or Hire Car for your next trip.

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If your enquiry is related to Events/Sponsorships please click here.

For all other enquiries please call us - 0800 081 032.

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