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About us

​​​​Britz is the largest campervan rental company in Australasia alongside sister brands Maui and Mighty Campers. We offer campervan holiday experiences in Australia, New Zealand,  North America and UK/Europe with a franchise in Southern Africa.   

In Australia, Britz is the 4WD hire specialist, offering two fantastic 4WD campervans, plus a 4WD rental car, for those who really want to get off the beaten track.

A Britz holiday is all about fun, adventure, excitement, new experiences, meeting people and spending time with family and friends. We are confident that in choosing Britz, that is exactly what you will get.

We love what we do and have the knowledge, support and outstanding customer service that any visitor would expect.

We design and build our own campervans and 4WD fit-outs, based on deep customer research and feedback from our customers. So please, don’t be shy, fill in the customer questionnaire when you return your vehicle, and who knows, next time you travel with Britz, we just may have implemented your idea.

So, enough about us, get back to the website, choose your vehicle, get out there and ‘Britz it’ for the time of your life!

Britz and the Environment 

At Britz, we understand that we are dependent on the raw beauty of the environment in which we operate. One of our core values as part of thl is to run a sustainable business and to minimise our impact on the environment.

Britz holds the gold Qualmark Enviro status in NZ, we are founding members of the Responsible Camping Forum and the DriveSafe organisation in NZ.


Britz Rentals is owned and operated by Tourism Holdings Limited (thl)

We offer a wide variety of career pathways and jobs in many different locations, ranging from full-time permanent employment through to fixed term contract and casual seasonal work.

Our aim is to have the best people in the industry working for us. We look for people who have a passion for tourism, a passion for people and a passion ‘share life’s adventures’ with our customers. 

If you are interested in joining us on this great adventure please apply here.

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Tourism Holdings Limited (thl) is New Zealand's premier tourism company. We are listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange under the ticker code THL and are the largest provider of holiday vehicles for rent and sale in Australia and New Zealand under the Maui, Britz, Mighty, RV Sales Centre in Australia and RV Sales Centre in NZ.  In the USA we own and operate the Road Bear RV Rentals and Sales brand and in the UK, we have a Joint Venture with Just Go Campervans. We also have a JV with Action Manufacturing who design and build campervans and other specialist vehicles in Auckland and Hamilton and Melbourne.

Within New Zealand we operate Kiwi Experience and the Discover Waitomo Group which includes Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Ruakuri Cave, Aranui Cave and The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co. ​​​

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