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Follow the Rugby in your Campervan!

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Grab your camper now and follow the Rugby tour throughout New Zealand this June and July! Discover New Zealand with a Britz Campervan, and catch all the action while touring the country your own way in between the games!​.

​​New Zealand Rugby and British & Irish Lions 2017

10 Matches & 3 Tests.
New Zealand Rugby and British & Irish Lions 2017 have agreed a programme of 10 matches during their 2017 Series in New Zealand which will include three Tests against the All Blacks, with the Series starting in Whangarei in early June and concluding in mid-July.

Key Rugby Dates to remember:
Kick Off: 3 June 2017 in Whangerei 
Final: 8 July 2017 in Auckland 

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Lions Travel Itineraries:​

See our suggested itineraries below (contact your official Lions Tour operator for full package details and pricing).
Please note - booking directly with Britz Campervans includes only the price of the motorhome hire.

  • Locations: All
  • 10% non-refundable deposit required
  • Full payment required 90 days before pick up
  • 100% cancellation fee applies if cancelled within 90 days of pick up
  • Offer is subject to availability at all times
  • Vehicles are subject to availability at all times


  • Britz reserves the right to withdraw the offer when allocation has been reached
  • Vehicles are not permitted on all ski field access roads in both the North and South Islands from 01 June to 31 October. This means you cannot drive your vehicle up to a ski field car park and/or any part of the access road to the ski field. You will be responsible for all damage if travelling on these roads.
  • All other Britz New Zealand 1718 Terms and Conditions will apply.


​Two and Three Test Tour - 15 Days

Day 1: A​u​ckland​

Day 2: Bay of Plenty

Day 3: Napier, Hawke's Bay

Day 4-5: Wellington

Day 6: Taupo​​

Day 7-8: Rotorua​​

Day 9: Hamilton, Waikato

Day 10: Waitomo

Day 11-12: Auckland

Day 13: Bay of Islands: Paihia

Day 14: Bay of Islands: Waitangi

Day 15:​ Auckland

​​ ​​

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Three Test Tour - 16 Days

Day 1-2: A​u​ckland

Day 3: Hamilton Waik​ato

Day 4: Taupo

Day 5: Wellington

Day 6: Blenheim

Day 7: Kaikora​​

Day 8-9: Wellington

Day 10-11: Rotorua

Day 12-13: Bay of Plenty

Day 14: Auckland

Day 15: Waiheke Island

Day 16:​ Auckland


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​Three Test Tour - 22 Days

Day 1: A​u​ckland

Day 2: Waitomo

Day 3: Hamilton, Waikato

Day 4: Auckland

Day 5-6: Rotorua​

Day 7: Taupo​​

Day 8-9: Napier, Hawke's Bay

Day 10: Marlborough

Day 11-12: Wellington

Day 13: Nelson

Day 14-15: Christchurch

Day 16:​ Akaroa

​Day 17:​ Kaikora​​

Day 18:​ Picton

​​Day 19:​ Auckland​​

Day 20:​ Bay of Islands: Paihia

​​Day 21:​ Bay of Islands: Waitangi​​

Day 22:​ Auckland


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