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Experience the South Island


​​​​​Every day a different journey - explore the South Island by camper with Britz

If you want an easy, travel at your own pace type of holiday experience in the South Island, a Britz campervan is for you. ​​The South Island may have its epic landscapes and scenery but it’s also home to some unique, kiwi as experiences like:

  • Denheath Custard Squares in Timaru – a mouth-watering, gotta try foodie treat
  • A bone carving studio in Nelson
  • The Buller Gorge Swing bridge
  • Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki
  • Nugget Point in the Catlins

For some inspiration and planning help, check out our suggested South Island self-drive experiences here.


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Campervan Tips & Recommendations

For any rookies to campervans there are some simple tips and recommendations to follow and don’t worry, our roads are easy to drive and with your home on wheels your ‘room with a view’ means you’ll be waking up to a changing view everyday if you wish!


  • Get lost. The best parts of an adventure tend to happen in the places that aren’t planned.
  • Freedom camp in designated locations. It’s one of the greatest benefits of having your accommodation with you as you go.
  • Change your mind. Make a plan – then break it. Adventure awaits.
  • Pre-book ahead of time the must-do experiences and activities you don’t want to miss and any campground accommodation especially if travelling in peak holiday periods.
  • Pack your belongings in soft bags as opposed to bulky suitcases – you’ll give yourself more room for other essential items.
  • Familiarise yourself with local road rules.
  • Be careful when reversing – use your mirrors, look out for overhanging branches.


  • Attempt undercover car parks, you could damage the roof off and be up for major $$ to repair
  • Drive a 2WD on dirt roads or outback driving.
  • Drive on the beach. Don’t be tempted if you see other cars doing it, campervans and motorhomes are HEAVY and you will sink like stone into the sand and get bogged.
  • Underestimate driving distances and times – give yourself plenty of time to travel between locations, fill up with petrol and stop for food before it’s too late!
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