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If it’s your first time going on a campervan roadtrip in New Zealand, planning your holiday may be a little confusing. That’s why we want to make it as simple as possible — so here are some tips that’ll make your choices even easier to make.

Let’s start with when you want to travel.

1. Know the best time to go

Whether you go for North or South Island, your roadtrip is all about timing. During winter (June to August) it gets fairly cold and some mountainous areas become winter wonderlands full of snow. Up for a spot of skiing? Then your best bet is July or August, and the further south your ski resort, the better the snow will be. Find somewhere fun to stay in town, then join the locals heading up to the mountains on the snow bus.

If you’re hanging for some animal encounters, Kaikoura is unrivalled as a whale- and dolphin-watching region – you can see orcas between December and March, and humpback whales in June and July. Several dolphin species are seen almost daily.

Running to the camper in the snow

Prepare for snow if you plan on travelling the South Island in winter!

2. Avoid major holidays if possible

If you’re planning to travel during school holidays, Christmas (18th Dec to 18th Jan) or Easter, you should book your campervans and holiday parks three to six months before your trip.

Of course, travelling outside of these major holiday periods is easier and often much cheaper but if you need to, just make sure you book before everything gets snapped up by other like-minded travellers.

Campervan convoy

Avoid traffic by travelling outside of major holidays.

3. Know how long each drive will take

Did you know that our coastlines are always within two to three hours' drive either side? While they’re fairly easy drives, you’ll still need to plan your key stops in advance. Jot down your favourites and cruise along the coast, or go inland when you’re after a town or city space.

Calculating arrival time with campermate

Estimate your arrival time to each destination with your in-vehicle tablet.

4. Know the tourist activities you want to go for

Our Like a Local Trip Planner will help you find amazing experiences and activities, things to do and places to visit. Nothing beats travelling like a local, especially on a campervan holiday. Make sure you pre-book the more touristy attractions early before they all get snapped up!

Check out the planner here.

Self check-in

Use our 'Like a Local' app when planning activities.

5. Consider camping

Camping is a timeless tradition. Whether you’re with family or friends, spending time beneath the stars away from the hustle and bustle, enjoying a barbecue and a beer is an impeccable way to spend your drive holiday.

If you think you might like to spend a couple nights freedom camping, you'll need to be in one of our self-contained campervans. Also, make sure you have enough food and gear to ensure a comfortable camping experience.

You might want to research some choice camping spots along your journey to stop off at and reacquaint yourself with the stars. For more info on camping, click here.

Freedom camping

Freedom camping made easy with our fully self-contained Britz campers!

6. Download the Britz Roadtrip App

Learn more and more on the road from our crowd-sourced travel app!

It displays your current GPS location, the nearest campsites and holiday parks, petrol stations, free Wi-Fi, real-time road alerts, supermarkets, toilets and much more. It’s everything you need to know when you’re on the road in New Zealand, so don’t leave home without it.

Download it here!

Arrived at holiday park

Make unforgettable family memories with ease thanks to the Britz Roadtrip App.

Now you’re on your way to a drive holiday you’ll never forget— get planning! If you’re thinking you’re a camper expert, why not explore New Zealand on two wheels as well, and add cycling to your roadtrip.

Happy travels!

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Britz Crew
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New Zealand, Roadtrip, Tips
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