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5 ideas for keeping kids entertained on a roadtrip

​​​​The journey is just as important as the destination when you take a campervan holiday, so it’s important to have some tricks up your sleeve that are guaranteed to entertain kids and keep them from getting restless while you’re on the road.

Kids playing battleship

Battleship is an easy game to play on the move.

You’re all packed up and ready to go – here’s how to keep those ‘Are we there yet?’ moments at bay:

1. Audio books

These are perfect for entertaining everyone in the car, because there are plenty of audio books available that suit adults and young kids. Some libraries even offer audio books for hire, making this a cheap and cheerful way to make those long stretches of road more enjoyable.

2. Car karaoke

Before the roadtrip, ask everyone to choose a favourite tune or two and print out the lyrics for each one. Set them all up in a playlist and voilà – backseat karaoke fun for the whole family.

3. Arts and crafts

For older kids, a whiteboard and some dry-erase pens can make games of hangman or noughts and crosses a breeze. Alternatively, a few cheap packets of brightly coloured pipe-cleaners are a no-mess way to keep the little ones busy.

Boy in campervan 

4. Roadtrip scavenger hunt

Before you set off, print a list of items for the kids to find at any point on your trip. Research your destination beforehand so you have a comprehensive list that will have your children always finding new things! It will keep the kids eagle-eyed and excited right up until the moment you reach home again.

5. Surprise presents

We’ll be the first to admit that bribery goes a long way. Pick a couple of small gifts for each of your children (equal size and value, of course!), wrap them up and conceal them somewhere. At random intervals throughout the trip, surprise them with their cool new toy!

Kids love the top beds in campers – for your next family roadtrip check out the Britz Explorer or Frontier, or click here to find the perfect vehicle for your family holiday!

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