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Five minutes with Dan Aux

Summer roadie.jpgBritz is partnering with Zeffer to bring you the 2015 George FM Yearbook!

We have a double pass to give away to the launch party and George FM giving away an epic summer roadie! 

To celebrate epic summer road trips with the best beats on your radio, we've had a quick chat with George FM star, Dan Aux.

What do you love most about New Zealand

New Zealand is a very calming spiritual place which I think every person that comes here can feel. It's not like another other country I have been to and It's one of the most beautiful places in the world to live. The vibe really inspires my creativity. You just have to listen to a small slice of the amazing music that comes from NZ and you can hear and feel it's uniqueness instantly. 

If you were overseas and met somebody who hadn't been to NZ before – what three places would you tell them they had to do while they were here?

Queenstown for adventure, Auckland for amazing food / party, Bay of Islands to relax

What are your 'go to' songs for a road trip? 

All the songs on this year's George FM yearbook 

What's the most spontaneous/random thing you have done on a road trip?

Put a Dan Aux sticker in the toilets at a very popular Te Kuiti service station... After about 7 years it hasn't been removed and I still get people sending me photo's to this day! 

What's the best road trip you have ever been on – where did you go, what made it so good?

My first ever road trip to Rhythm & Vines, Auckland to Gisborne. The scenery is always changing, so there's loads to take in especially winding through the Waioeka Gorge

What does adventure mean to you?

Growing up in Australia we had loads of surfing adventures up and down the east coast at some of the best (and most secret) surf spots in the world, now living in NZ, for me it's all about the mountains and snowboarding. I love the thrill of the ride. 

But mostly adventure to me, means being a little bit spontaneous and trying new things. You don't have to travel too far to discover something new every day!

NZ is famous for thrill seeking, are you keen to do something to get your adrenalin pumping?

Yes, Sounds like fun!

Thanks Dan! To find out more about the George FM competition click here.

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