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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Campervan Holiday

​​​​If it’s your first time hiring a campervan, chances are there might be one or two things you didn’t expect along the way. We wouldn’t be here without our loyal travellers, and they’ve gladly shared their experiences and learnings to help get you on your way! We hope this helps you on the road.

Here’s what they have to say!

Getting to know your campervan 

1. Allow time to get to know your campervan

When you come in to collect your campervan, don’t book tours or sights for that day. It’ll take time, and you’ll likely have questions (the more you ask the better) so don’t rush the initial process. Get to know your vehicle, inside and out, and stay the night nearby.

Checking in to the branch

You can ask your knowledgeable Booking Host questions as they show you your vehicle.

2. If you’re coming from overseas, you may need an international driving licence

Is your licence not in English? Then you’ll need an international driver's licence to drive in New Zealand, so make sure you bring it along with you. If you are from overseas but your licence is in English, then you won’t need an international one.

Checking in to the branch

Checking in online can speed up the process in branch.

3. Pack soft bags for more space

Hard suitcases take up more space than you think, while soft bags allow for more overall storage, which is very important when you’ve got a large group of you travelling. Soft travel bags such as backpacks and duffel bags are perfect for the amount they can fit as well as their malleability in small spaces, unlike hard case luggage.​

Packing soft bags

Soft bags take up less room in the campervan.

4. Purchase the liability reduction option for peace of mind

Many customers suggest purchasing our full cover insurance, purely for peace of mind. It’s a matter of better safe than sorry.

Self check-in

If you don't check in online, there is also a self-check-in option in branch.

5. Shop for supplies after picking up your campervan

Once you have explored your camper, then shop for​ food and supplies, instead of making purchases before you understand your living space. You’ll thank us later – plus now you have your ride you’ll be able to pick up more!

Stocking up on supplies

Check out how much room there is in the campervan before shopping.

6. Don’t drive too far on your first night either

We know it’s easy to get excited about your campervan holiday, but once you have your food and supplies, don’t start it off with a long, cumbersome drive –​ especially if you've just flown in from overseas! It’s best to cruise around the town or city you’re in and then settle down into our next tip…

Driving the campervan

Make your first drive short to familiarise yourself with the vehicle.

7. Plug in your camper on your first night

We highly recommend you charge your campervan in a Holiday Park​ on your first night, to ensure all appliances are fully charged and working over the next 48 hours. This tip is even more important the further out (and longer) you drive.

So take it easy on yourselves and enjoy the first few days before you see everything on your agenda.

Plug in at a powered site on your first night and every second night.

8. Don’t underestimate drive times

Speaking of driving times – ensure that you don’t miscalculate them and end up driving in the middle of the night. Be sure to note how long each route will take, and rise and shine to make the most of the day. If you’re not driving, keep an eye on the driver to ensure they take regular breaks on the longer stretches.

Using your in-vehicle tablet

Use the in-vehicle tablet to help you plan your journey.

9. Pre-book campground accommodations

Before you pick up your vehicle, you’ll need to book your Holiday Parks. In high, peak seasons bookings are essential, so we recommend you get in early. Even during low seasons, you’ll want to book them instead of chancing it. Grab a DOC Pass or Wheelaway Holiday Park Voucher​​ to help with your planning and booking while on the road. You never know when a Holiday Park might suddenly become talk of the town.

Booking a campground

Book your campground stays in advance, especially during peak season.

10. Ask Britz, locals and travellers for advice

Britz staff members are always ready to answer any questions you might have – but they’re also locals through and through. If you want to know the best places to go or what to do, ask away and we’ll help you out. Fellow travellers you meet on the road will give you great advice as well, so be open to re-charting your course if you learn of something exciting and new.

Ask fellow travellers for advice

Chat to your friendly local travellers for advice and stories.

So now that you know what to expect for your camper holiday, you’ll be more prepared than ever – the next step is booking your Britz Campervan!

Check out our other blogs for more handy campervan tips about freedom campingcycle trails, and more. Safe journeys!

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Britz Crew
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