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13 inspiring New Zealand photos

​ At some point many years ago New Zealand (more specifically, Queenstown) was dubbed the adventure capital of the world.  We couldn't agree with this statement more if we wanted to, however we'd also like to remind you there's more to your visit to New Zealand than hurling yourself out of a plane or off a bridge.

Here are our 13 favourite photos of New Zealand igniting a serious case o​f wanderlust in our bellies!


1. There's always somewhere to chill out, like in Wanaka where you'll find the most photographed tree in New Zealand #ThatWanakaTree


​​ Photo by @costarlization


2. Where every hike rewards you with incredible views like this

Nelson Hiking Views  


3. And you can frolick in flowers and sunshine


​​ Photo by @hilvees

 4. If you're lucky, you might even be invited to tea at a hobbit's house

Hobbiton New Zealand 


5. You'll be welcomed in the most beautiful way…


​​ Photo by @tamakimaorivillage

 6. Where rugby is the main religion….


​​ Photo by @kiwi_photos

 7. You can be blown away by bubbling, hissing earth


​​ Photo by @waiotapu_wonderland_nz

 8. Trees are too big to be hugged by just one person


​​ Photo by @barekiwi

 9. Giant Burgers the size of your head are enjoyed with a view like this…


​​ Photo by @sauceandco


10. Where you are too scared to blink, because glow worms can't really be *this* beautiful, can it?


​​ Photo by@shaun_jeffers


11. You'll sleep under the most beautiful galaxy of stars you can imagine


​​ Photo by @shaun_jeffers


12. And winter magic is all around you

Franz Josef Glacier 


13. New Zealand. Why wouldn't you?


​​ Photo by @britzcampervans

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